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Widget Content Development Tools

Development Tools Download

Let's download the Widget Contents Development Tools and create your original widgets.

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Upload the new widgets.

After creating your widget or widgets, please fill in the form and upload the widget or widgets.

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Uploaded widgets

Your uploaded widgets are listed here. You can also upload widgets when the widgets are modified or updated.

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Widget Creation and Upload

1. Create files and documents that constitute widget content

[Documents Provided]

  • NetFront Widgets Content Creation Tutorial
  • NetFront Widgets v2.0 Specification

2. Using NetFront Widgets Viewer, test the widget or widgets that you have created on a PC to confirm proper display and operation.

[Documents Provided]

  • NetFront Widgets Viewer v2.0 Operation Manual

3. After testing the widget, package all the necessary files into one file (.wgt) using the NetFront Widgets Packaging Tool.

[Documents Provided]

  • NetFront Widgets Packaging Tool v2.0 Operation Manual