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Supported Devices

Can NetFront Widgets be installed on a PC, handheld PC and Palm-sized PC?

A: The NetFront Widgets player on the community site is for use on Windows Mobile devices, versions 5.0/ 6/ 6.1, and will be extended in the future for use on other embedded devices, but not in any PC environment.

Can NetFront Widgets be downloaded for installation onto any mobile phone?

A: Widgets provided on the community site can be downloaded for use on mobile devices running Windows Mobile versions 5.0/ 6/ 6.1, and S60 3rd Edition, once the NetFront Widgets player has been downloaded and installed.
Samsung PIXON m8800 device is not supportted.

I don't have the NetFront Browser installed on my device, can NetFront Widgets be downloaded with other Browsers?

A: Yes, you can download NetFront Widgets Player from the NetFront Widgets community site with another browser. However, we recommend that you install NetFront Browser. NetFront Browser v3.5 for Windows Mobile Concept Version can be downloaded here.

NetFront Browser does not currently support S60 and Windows Mobile (SmartPhone/Standard) edition.

About NetFront Widgets Player

I can't install NetFront Widgets Player. What's wrong?

A: Make sure your windows mobile device has the correct operating system installed. NetFront Widgets Player currently supports Windows Mobile 5.0 (Pocket PC/ Pocket PC Phone/ SmartPhone), Windows Mobile 6/ 6.1 (Classic/ Professional/ Standard), and S60 3rd edition. Older versions of Windows Mobile devices are not supported. It is also important to confirm that your Windows Mobile device has enough memory to support the NetFront Widgets Player installation.

How can I uninstall NetFront Widgets Player from my device?

A: You can uninstall the NetFront Widgets Player by taking the following steps.

Windows Mobile (PocketPC/ PocketPC Phone/ Classic/ Professional) devices

  • 1. In the "Start" menu, select "Settings".
  • 2. On the Settings window, please click "Remove Program" icon.
  • 3. Select "ACCESS NetFront Widgets v2.0" then select "Remove".

Windows Mobile (SmartPhone/Standard) devices

  • 1. In the "Start"menu, select "Settings".
  • 2. Select "Remove Program" icon and choose "ACCESS NetFront Widgets.
    Agree to the confirmation to remove the program.

S60 device

  • NetFront Widgets Player can be uninstalled using the application manager.
    *Please refer to the instruction manual of your S60 device.

The NetFront Widgets Player shows an expiration message. What should I do?

A: To continue using the NetFront Widgets Player, please uninstall the current expired version on your device, and download the latest version for installation onto your device from the NetFront Widgets community site at Widgets Player Download Page

About Widget Package

I can't install a widget.

A: The file might be damaged. Please try to download the widget content again.

I can't start the widget.

A: This could be caused by the shortage of working RAM space. Make sure that you have not opened too many other applications.

What device screen size(s) are supported by the NetFront Widgets?

A: Widgets available on the NetFront Widgets portal currently support VGA, WVGA, WQVGA and QVGA screen sizes.

How many widgets can I install on my device?

A: This depends on your device hardware specifications, such as the volume of free memory and storage space available.

Can I transfer the Yahoo! widgets, dashboard widgets, Google Gadgets and Microsoft Gadgets that I use on my PC to the NetFront Widgets on my Mobile?

A: At present the NetFront Widgets engine only supports the use of NetFront Widgets contents. Third-party widget engines are required to run other widgets, such as those listed, and these engines are not currently part of the NetFront Widgets engine.

How can I uninstall a widget?

A: You can uninstall widgets by taking the following steps.

Windows Mobile (PocketPC/ PocketPC Phone/ Classic/ Professional) devices

Windows Mobile (SmartPhone/Standard) devices

  • 1. Select [Menu] > [Management] > [Uninstall].
  • 2. Select the widgets that you want to uninstall and tap [uninstall].

S60 device

  • 1. From "Option"menu, select "System".
  • 2. Select "Widget"-> "unistall", then choose widgets you want to remove

About Development Tools

What tools will be provided for NetFront Widgets development?

A: You can create widgets by using the development tool that is provided on this site.
And the widget that you created can be published by community members through this site.

About NetFront Widgets

What is NetFront Widgets?

A: NetFront Widgets is a compact web application built with open web technologies to provide end-users access to frequently viewed or personalized web content such as news, stocks, sports, etc.