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Widgets Player

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Widgets Player

Please note that widgets provided on this site will not run without NetFront Widgets Player.

Internet access is required to download the browser and player or to use the widgets.

Sign up with your preferred user ID and password to download NetFront Widgets Player.
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Download Package

  • Widgets Player :
    NetFront Widgets Player for S60 v2.0 β2

Service Requirements

  • Memory for data storage:
    Approx. 2.0 MB
  • Memory for program execution:
    Approx. 6.0 MB
  • OS :
    S60 3rd edition


  • The period for this software expires on May 31st, 2010.
  • UNINSTALL is needed before updating the Widgets Player.
  • The installed Widgets will be removed after uninstalling the Widgets Player.

How to Download

Download to
your PC

NetFront Widgets community site

1.Download to your PC
2.Transfer the file to your S60 device using the USB and Synccable application.

※Please read the S60 Instructions for file transfer using Synccable and Memory card.

Download to your S60
device directly

NetFront Widgets community site

1.Download to your S60 device directly.

How to Install/ How to start the program

1. Copy the sis file via sync cable, memory card, etc. to an appropriate folder
2, Select the sis file
3.Detailed information of the sis file is displayed. Select “continue”
4. Select where to install the file
5. OK to the Software License Agreement
6. The installation process will start 7. Once the installation is completed, NFB Widgets icon will appear. Select the icon to start the widget player

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  • * All copyright of this product / delivered goods belongs to ACCESS CO., LTD. However, if copyright is specified in the programs or documents, the right belongs to the rightful owners concerned.
    © 1996-2009 ACCESS CO., LTD. All rights reserved.
  • * This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.
  • * S60 is a trademark or registered trademark of Nokia Corporation.
  • * All other trademarks, logos and trade names mentioned in this product / delivered goods are the property of their respective owners.